At C4 we know the importance of mining the value in yourself and your people by understanding the chemistry of critical moments.

About Michelle Taylor

Michelle spent many years as a nurse in an ICU, ED, NICCU and recovery as well as tuturing health workers in remote clinics. She then transited into working as a Wellbeing coach, then Psychologist, executive coach and trainer. This wealth of experience gives her training and coaching a practical edge and her humour, relatability and anecdotes make integrating new learning a seamless process.

Michelle’s clients range from individuals and private businesses to mining companies and Aboriginal community run health care services and include all levels of local, state and federal government and now has a keen focus on Healthcare leadership.  A sought after keynote speaker at health forums, she delivers important learnings on a range of topics including mindfulness, resilience, change management, team building, workforce wellbeing, leadership, emotional intelligence and communication.

Clients are curious, why C4?

C4, like us, works on many levels.

We partner with you to enhance the chemistry of your team bringing connection, composure, clarity and communication (4 C’s) to the crucible of stressful situations. 

C is also the letter for Carbon- an element that is present in all living things; is highly resilient and adaptive; and under pressure creates diamonds.

We are passionate about creating diamonds in the crucible of critical situations and celebrating the catalyst of effective teamwork.