June 23 The New Normal Leader




The New Normal Leader event Darwin Surf Club June 23 2022 Michelle Taylor c4 consultancy workplace stress management


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The ‘great resignation’ or ‘great-evaluation’ makes it a real challenge for Health Care Leaders who are required to stay on top of the situation and yet, have to keep their staff engaged and happy. Practical engagement and communication strategies are necessary to keep staff engaged and navigate the changes that seem to happen daily. This training gives you the knowledge and skill to be the leader that your team won’t want to leave. We got your back!
  1. You will learn the impact of stressors of living in this Covid world and how this influences your work.
  2. Learn the leadership styles and number one model that reduces your workforce stress, increases their flexibility to change, and increases your relationship with them.
  3. What is the well-being model for organizations to achieve high performance.
  4. Introduction to anti-fragility and how it beats resilience hands down.
  5. “Who” a leader needs to be to reduce their own stress, manage staff and help them achieve, even in stressful times.
  6. Learn and practice the best skill that all empathetic leaders need to keep the trust of their team.

Health care leadership coach and Psychologist Michelle Taylor has created this learning experience for overwhelmed leaders who need support to lead their team through Covid and beyond.

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