Why Emotional Intelligence for Nurses and Doctors


Managing and leading Health Care in times of rapid change

Health care, nursing and employee engagment


 Imposter syndrome

Nursing, leadership, language used and hypnosis

When my 1:1 clients are keen and they want quick success I  love using hypnosis with them. 

An opportunity exists despite what you think about hypnosis to investigate using language in a way that helps the patient journey. It can reduce stress, pain and improve healing. 

If you are a leader it can assist with staff engagement, relationships, performance conversations and your teams performance. 

Here is an article on how nurses can use hypnosis and I will explore in a blog some time in the future, how nurses leaders can use languaging to help their staff. 

Nursing and Hypnosis – A Perfect Combination ⋆ Healthy Visions Clinical Hypnosis Store

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