Embracing Our Inner Animals: A Lighter Approach to Self-Discovery

Have you ever wondered why I use animals to represent different parts of our personalities in my work? 馃 Today, I want to share the magic behind this approach!

Animals have unique, relatable characteristics that make understanding complex human behaviours more accessible and less intimidating. 馃 Take the ‘Cockatoo’, for instance, my playful twist on the ‘Critical Parent’ from transactional analysis. This bossy, know-it-all bird reflects that part of us that can be judgmental and overly responsible.

Why animals, you ask? 馃惥

  1. Lightness and Humour: Using animals allows us to look at ourselves and our traits with a sense of humour. It’s easier to laugh about a ‘Cockatoo’s bossiness’ than to confront a ‘critical parent’ head-on.
  2. Avoiding Psychological Jargon: It keeps us from heavy psychological terms that sometimes feel pathologising or overwhelming.
  3. Universal Relatability: Animals and their traits are universally recognised and relatable, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.
  4. Creative Engagement: It opens a more creative and engaging way to explore our personalities and behaviours.
  5. Empathy and Understanding: By externalising traits, we can develop a more empathetic understanding of ourselves and others.

So, next time you find yourself being a bit of a ‘Cockatoo’, remember, it’s a part of being human. We all have our animal traits and recognising them can be the first step in our journey of growth and self-improvement. 馃尡

Have you ever identified with an animal trait? Share your thoughts or your ‘inner animal’ in the comments below! Let’s explore this fun and insightful journey together.





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