Transforming Workplace Culture: The Power of Leadership and Identity Awareness

I discovered how to explain how I turn invisible into visible and implementable at a pizza place in Noosa. It was Friday night in a busy Noosa pizzeria. The noise was deafening as I was in a large group of speakers who had an incredible capacity for talking and voice projection. As I sat down, my face winched as the noise was jarring my senses.  I looked across at a fellow participant. “I don’t think I can stay here long,” I told her. She mirrored my face and nodded.

I turned to a fellow speaker, Lynne Cazaly and even though we had to yell despite sitting next to each other, we connected and enjoyed sharing our stories and ideas we were interested in. It took me another 20 minutes or so to realise that it didn’t seem so loud anymore. I looked around the room; yep, there were still the same amount of people, and our speaker group had had drinks, so they were probably even louder. What was happening here?

I used to live on Middleborough Road, South Blackburn. The traffic on that road was terrible. But living there, I never really heard it. Just like at the restaurant, I had habituated. Our minds can only take in so much information, so they filter out what isn’t helpful and only react to salient details. We can hear our name being called out at a noisy party. Your mind is scanning the environment for important stuff and what is normal for it to experience.

Culture is like that; we don’t see it after a while. You know what is happening unconsciously, but consciously, you don’t pay attention to it. I reckon it’s like that for yourself. You have known lots of things about yourself and others, but you have pushed the knowledge away and tried to fit in.

I say that I studied Psychology in an attempt to know the secrets of the universe and find the keys to success. I don’t have either, but I do have a model that I have used in counselling (remember, I am a psych), coaching and training that explains your relationship to yourself, the world and others.

Leadership is a relationship, and I don’t get static leadership models. You are always in a relationship with something. In the pizzeria, it reminded me that all you need is a way to make the invisible visible and then implement it.

I am introducing an innovative tool to address these issues: the Transformational Leadership and Culture Identity Cards.

 I have never been so excited about anything I have created before!

The Transformational Leadership and Culture Identity Cards are designed to address these challenges head-on through fun self-awareness and remind you of who you do and don’t want to be. It takes the awareness you get in my training and makes it practical for long-term application of the principles.

Each card in the deck represents different aspects of leadership and team culture, offering insights into various styles and behaviours. For instance, the “Inconsistent Surfer” card (see image) is a powerful metaphor for leaders who struggle with consistency and emotional intelligence during stressful times, providing a tangible reference for understanding and discussing these issues.

What they represent are parts of yourself. How your DNA and environment intersect into who you are. Getting to know these and how your parts trigger other people’s parts and vice versa, do we start to accept ourselves and treat ourselves and others with compassion. For we are all the same and just trying to do our best. It is often the parts of ourselves we don’t like or avoid that push our buttons so much.

At the core of this approach is emotional intelligence and self-awareness. The deck encourages leaders and team members to recognise and name the different parts of their identity in the workplace. This awareness is crucial in understanding one’s impact on others, especially during stressful times.

The cards are not just diagnostic tools; they are gateways to transformation.

 In training sessions or used privately, these cards can be used as reflection tools, helping individuals to see themselves more clearly and understand how others perceive them. This reflection paves the way for actionable steps towards behavioural change and more effective leadership and teamwork. The Transformational Leadership and Culture Identity Cards are more than just a set of tools; they are a catalyst for meaningful change in the workplace.

Let me know if you want to know more- they will launch soon. Lastly, thanks Keith Abraham and Amanda Stevens for a great experience and training. Anyone who works with you is lucky indeed.

Excited for another adventure,


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