WHAT IS EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT (EQ) or emotional intelligence (EI) ?

Emotional intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is  considered to be one of the most advantageous characteristics in a leader. In health care EI is found to be useful in leading teams, creating a safe inclusive environment and allowing a safe channel for effective feedback and influencing in changing initiatives.

To change a behaviour it is good to collect some data and the TTI Emotional Quotient™ we use gives a 13-page report. This healthcare leadership friendly EQ profile is a simple yet powerful emotional intelligence assessment designed to get results. 

What to expect from your EI REPORT

It measures 5 areas and gives a score on how actively you use the skills. What I like about this tool it has a no blame approach that fits with my values. It shows how active you are in each area. I’ve tested some people and they may have a low score, indicating they don’t use that skill but it doesn’t mean that they can’t. There is something in the way of them using it and through coaching, I get to uncover what that is and then assist them. That is why the tool itself isn’t the answer, and coaching needs to help those who may need to develop in this area.

The 5 areas assessed are: 

  • Self-Awareness – How actively we take our emotional temperature.
  • Self-Regulation – How actively we manage our emotional states for a  positive outcome
  • Motivation – How actively we use our emotional energy to align us and move us closer to our goals
  • Social (other) awareness – How actively we observe others’ emotional temperature
  • Social (other) Skills – How actively we manage the emotional states of others.

What can it be used for?


  • Leadership Development
  • Culture and transformation programs
  • Change management 
  • Communication Effectiveness and conflict resolution
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Patient centred care programs 
  • Coaching/Mentoring programs