Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

In the dynamic landscape of today’s busy hospital, adaptability is not just desirable, it’s essential. It can be achieved, even with the poor skill mix that is prevalent in many healthcare spaces.

Learning quickly makes you anti-fragile. In my last newsletter, I outlined how you can grow stronger with stress using the principles of anti-fragility. Creating a hospital or clinic that has a learning and performing culture is obtainable. To quote my mate AJ Kulatunga, “Innovation needs to happen at the speed of change.”

“We are kept from our goal, not because of obstacles, but by a clear path to lesser goals.”
– Robert Breault.

Nurse leaders are stressed, and being transactional is easier than being transformational. It’s not their fault as they haven’t discovered how. The lesser goal is relieving stress, and in this busy world in healthcare, it’s easier to give a fish rather than teach them how. It works in the short term. It cannot be a long-term strategy.

Nurse leaders, especially new ones, need another tool to use. They don’t have time to research it themselves, so forward-thinking directors need to see for them what they can’t see for themselves.

I invite you to ponder these questions about nurse leaders’ adaptability, mindset, and feedback culture:

  • How do our nurses respond to unexpected challenges or disruptions?

  • Is there a culture that encourages and supports coaching around learning and change?

  • How regularly do nurses provide constructive feedback to their teams that doesn’t damage relationships?

  • Do your nurse leaders ask for feedback?

  • What sort of processes are there for innovative thinking and learning?

  • Is there a two-way communication channel for feedback, allowing nurses to express their concerns and give suggestions (continuous openness to learning in the executive)?

  • Are there mechanisms in place to recognise and celebrate achievements and adaptive behaviours?

  • Are we developing our junior leaders to help the junior team think critically?

  • Do nurse leaders model a development mindset and adaptability in their roles?

  • How skilled is the team in leading change?

If you want your junior workforce to be clinically confident quicker for greater patient safety, contact me at and say yes, and we can make a time.

I help the junior team leaders feel confident and even compelled to create a learning culture and give feedback on the go.

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