Fierce compassion for boundary setting

When workplaces see that there are mental health issues they often reach for a How to training.
Very useful and it is part of a solution. However, many training’s stop there. Everyone knows how to de-stress, how to self care but we don’t do it. That is the real problem that is not talked about.
So many of my clients either work with trauma or with people who are traumatised. They need self care MORE than the general folk going to work.
When you want to pick a solution for vicarioustrauma prevention, encouraging self care or practises that increase resilience, make sure that its not just a how to training. It has to get to the heart of the issue of WHY people aren’t doing what they know how to do.

Self compassion and understanding how to harness it is one such strategy and thanks to Kristen Neff for her great book Fierce self-compassion, that addresses part of this issue.

I love this images in this infographic and the concept of fierce defence of what is important. I love to help people see that they are important enough first and then connecting them to this part of themselves that has the courage to have boundaries and has the emotional intelligence to be able to motivate themselves to do and be who they have to be to thrive.

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